Reasons Why Selling at Auction May be Right for You!

  • The auction method is designed to allow the price of your property to go UP, not down.
  • Using an accelerated and directed marketing campaign, an auction allows focused attention for your property only. Buyers are there on that day to buy your real estate.
  • Property sold at auction is “AS IS, WHERE IS.” Certain properties are best sold through the auction method.
  • With certain real estate, it is difficult to assess value, due to lack of comps, unique property, etc.  An auction determines actual market value on the day of sale.
  • Some clients simply want to sell their property quickly. Sometimes a seller’s time is most important to them.
  • When real estate is listed using the usual MLS process, all properties are competing for one buyer.  With an auction, several buyers are competing for one property – yours.
  • With an auction, there can be a complete liquidation of all property, real and personal, all at once.
  • Premier Auctions, LLC, sometimes uses VeriProve to pre-certify the property. This process, paid for by the seller, allows for more buyer confidence.  The Veriprove pre-certification typically includes:
    • Preliminary Title Search and Exam
    • Property Condition Inspection
    • Mortgage Loan or Boundary Survey
    • Termite Inspection Report
    • Seller’s Home Protection Plan (Home Warranty)
  • VeriProve reports are available before the auction on our website, and are available for review the day of the auction.
  • Our auctions typically close within 30 days.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might want to sell your real estate at auction!

[WHY SELL BY AUCTION? - printable flier]